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Our Story

Cory Netland and David Fitch first met in Marching Band while studying Music Education at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  This friendship let to many amazing adventures and service industry jobs together.  Cory had always had a dream to sell hotdogs from a cart, and combined his dream with David's love to bring joy to the community.  In June of 2020, the team set out to start a food truck that pushes the norm of what can be a hotdog, serving up a virtually limitless menu and having FUN in the process!

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Cory Netland

Co Owner, Culinary Expert

Cory grew up in International Falls, Minnesota where he helped his grandparents start a restaurant, worked in a bakery with his dad, and started a DJ business.  He moved to Duluth to pursue a degree in Music Education at UMD.  He later started teaching middle school band and now teaches elementary music at North Star Academy.  

Cory filled his time working at various bars and restaurants around Duluth and realized that he could pursue two of his dreams as the idea for UpDawg came to be.  When Cory reached out to David about the project he said...."Yes!"

They took on the project in stride, and although building their own food truck took a bit longer than expected, they finally opened that window for the first time in August of 2021.  Cory is so excited to keep bringing great UpDawg creations to the Twin Ports!

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David Fitch

Co Owner, Sales and Operations

David grew up in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and moved to Duluth in 2016 to study Music Education at UMD.  Cory was one of the first people David met in marching band and they hit it off right away! 

David got his start in the food and beverage business early, busing tables and washing dishes at a mexican restaurant in his hometown when he was 14.  Over the years he rose up the ranks to General Manager of several bars, taprooms, coffee shops, and restaurants.  However, when he and Cory committed to the idea of starting UpDawg, owning their own business, it would be the biggest step yet!

David is thankful every day to be in a position where his business can do so much good for the Twin Ports community.  He and Cory feel such support and inspiration to grow that truly no idea is off the table!

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